Why Family Dentistry is so Appealing to Parents

For a person who is single, or perhaps a person who is married but has no children, choosing a dentist is typically fairly easy. However, for married couples, or for a single parent, choosing a dentist can be a little trickier simply because the services of a dentist needs to extend not only to adults but to children as well. That’s why many people who don’t want to visit multiple dentist offices for their dental care, and the dental care of their children choose a Family Dentist.

The great thing about these types of dentists is the convenience of being able to take an entire family, adults and children alike to the same dental office. Many times, having to go to a dentist that only accepts adult patients and then having to take the kids to a dedicated pediatric dentists can eat up a lot of time and make getting proper dental care a bit more difficult from a logistical standpoint.

By visiting an office that specializes in Family Dentistry, entire family visits to the dentist can be a lot more convenient. Many times, family dental practices will employ dentists that can handle both adults as well as children. In some situations, especially with larger practices, the practice may hire specific pediatric dentists to only handle child related dentistry issues.

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That doesn’t necessarily exclude the possibility of having to visit a pediatric dentist. If a dental practice hires a dentist that handle both adults and children, there may be issues that come up from time to time where a family dentist may recommend a child patient to a pediatric dentist for a particular procedure. However, typically, this is only for a short period, for a specific treatment and then the child’s dental care will move back to the family dentist.

Another thing that adults with children appreciate is the continuity that they can have by visiting a family practice. The practice, or in some cases, the individual dentist can have a knowledge of the entire family’s dental issues. This can help prevent conditions in younger children that had become apparent in older children. It’s also nice to have a personalized touch to these types of services, and that’s precisely what a Family Dentist can provide.

For many people, it’s a matter of convenience. For other people, it’s a matter of continuity to know that all the family’s dental issues are being handled at the same place, sometimes by the same dentist. For that reason, for many families, a Dental Practice that focuses on the needs of the entire family is much more preferable. From regular x-rays and cleanings to root canals, extractions or crowns, having your family visit one dentist is something that you may be looking for.

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